Glenville is located in the Western part of Greenwich at the falls of the Byram River. Many remember the “Anderson Associates” sign hanging in the center of Glenville. When the building was sold, our Realtors merged into our central office. We still feel like Glenville “insiders”. This is a very special neighborhood. Neighbors often stopped in our office to chat, sometimes bringing us fresh tomatoes from their gardens. Frances Geraghty, a town historian, asked us to sell her home and it was from Frances that we learned the fascinating history (The Greenwich Library has copies of Frances Geraghty’s oral history). She told us about the early residents, predominately Irish and Polish and about Glenville when the mills on the Byram River were open. The American Felt Company turned out felt for hats and operated until the mid–1970s. The mill building was beautifully restored and now houses restaurants, condos and offices. The town center was designated in 2007 as an historical district and it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The center of Glenville has a shopping area for groceries and essentials. Check out the video on You-Tube, “Glenville History Then and Now” for a picturesque view.

In 2001, a New York Times article touted the value of living in Glenville indicating it was a good place to raise a family and a good place to buy a home for less and have the prestige and all the amenities of Greenwich. This may still be considered an area of good value, however, in the last 14 years, homeowners have seen their values rise and often inventory is low. There are many housing options. Whether you are seeking a spacious new home in Sherwood Farm, a home in one of Glenville’s unique neighborhoods, such as Bailiwick or King Merritt, or the sweetest 1000 square foot farmhouse overlooking the local park – it can be found in Glenville.

Residents love being so near Westchester County, yet taxes are so much lower. They have fun at the renovated Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center, a place for sports and lots of programs for all ages. All residents are welcomed into the Pemberwick-Glenville Association, an active group of business leaders and home owners.

To feel the flavor of Glenville and eat good food, stop in –

  • Bambou, 328 Pemberwick Road, Glenville CT. Artistic, delicious Japanese food.
  • Centro Ristorante, 323 Pemberwick Road, Glenville CT. Cheerful, popular place for casual food.
  • G*Ville Deli, 17 Glenville Street, Greenwich CT. Local family makes good sandwiches and fries.
  • Glenville Pizza, 243 Glenville Road, Glenville CT. Serves by the slice and wins best pizza awards.