Greenwich Neighborhoods

“What is the best area of town?” This a frequent question from buyers. When we tell them there is no one best part, but a great many best parts depending on your perspective, many just don’t believe it until they see for themselves. Yet, nothing could be more true. Greenwich is almost uniformly beautiful, but it is a town composed of a number of small communities and neighborhoods each with it own character and charm. It is the special features of each of these areas that make it more or less attractive to different buyers.

Greenwich is divided into 12 voting districts, encompassing approximately 50 square miles. Some of these 12 districts have their own zip codes, such as the villages of Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich. For the rest of Greenwich, the western part uses 06831 and the Eastern part 06830. In addition, Byram, Cos Cob, Glenville, Old Greenwich and Riverside have distinct shopping centers separate from the main downtown area in the central part of town. There is also a small shopping center in the Banksville section of northwest Greenwich. The villages of Byram, Cos Cob and Old Greenwich have their own libraries. All parts of Greenwich share the same government, school system, property tax rate and access to public facilities.