Greenwich Life Style

GREENWICH LIFE STYLE or Why you will want to live here

Greenwich is recognized as the best town in Connecticut and one of the best places to live and raise your family in the United States. If you are looking for a beautiful town with safety, amenities, top-rated public and private schools, convenient access to New York City (29 miles) and a home that will be a great investment – you will love Greenwich.

Greenwich Rated Best Place to Live

Time and again, Greenwich is rated as Connecticut’s number one place to live. It is rated the best place to live in the USA by Money Magazine and the Robb report. It is rated the safest place to live in the USA and the safect place to raise a family. Greenwich is the premier town along what is called the Connecticut Gold Coast. The town’s unique beauty has been preserved by very careful town planning and zoning. Like Beverly Hills, Greenwich has the rare distinction of being one of those recognizable names. But unlike Beverly Hills, which is a 5.7 square mile enclave, Greenwich extends over 67 square miles with rolling hills, woodlands, meadows and 32 miles of gorgeous shoreline bordering the Long Island Sound as well as 1,500 acres of parkland. Greenwich is not isolated—it is a real community and a wonderful place to raise a family.

Although Greenwich conjures up thoughts of stately country homes and waterfront estates reserved for the select few, Greenwich is much, much more. As you will discover, Greenwich offers diversity, not only in real estate and architecture, but also in residents. Greenwich is home to a cosmopolitan group of executives and a great variety of professionals, artists, writers, diplomats, homemakers, actors, and sports figures. And a few couch potatoes as well.

In addition to being rated tops by Connecticut Magazine, the Robb Report rated Greenwich one of the 10 best places to live in the USA. Greenwich has a vast array of attractions. Whether you look at the picturesque shopping areas, the personal service provided by its mix of elegant shops, its fantastic library (the most used in Connecticut), its ultra modern hospital or its fabulous restaurants, Greenwich has it all. The New York Times declared that Greenwich has more Very Good and Excellent restaurants per capita than any other community in Connecticut. One of the many unique things about Greenwich can be found on Greenwich Avenue every day between the hours of 9am and 6pm: the police officers at the street corners directing traffic. These officers help to preserve the feeling of a small town and, of course, also help keep the town’s crime rate low.


The population of Greenwich grew until about 1970. Since 1970, the resident population has been more or less stable. This has been accompanied by the construction or conversion of more dwellings to house the same number of people. In 1950, the population was 40,835. In 1990, the population was 58,441. In 2000 the population was 61,101. In 2017 the population was 62,000. Approximately 65% of Greenwich homes are for single families, mostly detached, one to a lot. The town’s residential zones provide a wide variety of housing types, from small condominiums to single family homes of more than 10,000 square feet on 4 acres or more. Greenwich is divided into several strictly enforced zoning areas. In or near town, the density is high as a result of condominiums and apartments. Further from the center of town, the zoning changes to 1 acre per family, then to 2 acres per family and north of the Merritt Parkway it is a minimum of 4 acres per family. The population of the town continues to be diverse. One sixth of all public school students, with 38 different first languages, are learning English as a second language.

Jobs and Income

Greenwich is a job center where 35,278 people are employed. More people now come to work in Greenwich than go to work elsewhere. As a result of the many offices moving to the suburbs, Greenwich has become a net provider of jobs during the past twenty-five years. At the same time the median household income in Greenwich has been growing steadily. In 1979 it was $30,278. Ten years later, in 1989, it was $65,072. In 2017 it was  $137,000.


Ideal Location

Greenwich is in the southwest corner of Connecticut and is in the ideal location to provide residents with the convenience of being close to a big city, while living in the comfort and security of the country. Greenwich is surrounded by areas that are being developed more intensively.

Greenwich is in the largest metropolitan area of the United States. Greenwich is fortunate in its location, natural features, and historic development. Greenwich is one of the most desirable places to live. Many people want to work here as well. A steady migration of businesses and jobs from New York City to White Plains, Greenwich and Stamford has increased the demand for housing here.

Greenwich has an excellent transportation system, and is just minutes from Westchester Airport, making trips to nearby cities such as Boston or Washington easy.

Greenwich is only 29 miles from Times Square (43 minutes by one of the 78 trains that operate daily between New York City and Greenwich). There are four train stations conveniently located throughout the town. U.S. Route 1, the historic Post Road, is the main commercial artery. Locally it is named Putnam Avenue. In addition, Interstate 95 and the Merritt Parkway traverse Greenwich, giving it excellent regional accessibility. It takes about 10 minutes to drive to Stamford, about 60 minutes to Danbury and approximately 15 minutes to White Plains. The Connecticut Limousine provides easy and quick access to NYC’s international airports; La Guardia Airport is about a 45-minute drive and JFK is about a 60 minute drive. The Merritt Parkway, built in 1935 for cars only, was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.


Greenwich is rated the safest community in Connecticut and the safest place in the country and it’s no wonder with 14 police cars on the road at all times, traffic downtown directed by police officers and with a force of 158 police officers, the average response time to a call is less than four minutes.

  • In Greenwich was rated by SafeWise as one of the safest cities in the country to raise a child.
  • rated Greenwich as the safest city in the U.S.

Low Taxes

Greenwich operates on a “pay as you go” basis and carries almost no debt. This allows Greenwich to keep property taxes low while maintaining a budget of over $183,000,000. Real Estate taxes are based on assessments limited by statute to 70% of market value. The tax is presently 11.369 cents per thousand of assessed value (mill rate). The town policy is for the mill rate to increase no more than 3.5% a year, while maintaining $20,000,000 a year in capital improvements. There was no mill rate tax increase last year. There are no separate school taxes. There is a personal property tax on cars equal to the mill rate. There is no town income tax. The state has an income tax of 3 to 6.7%. There is no county tax.

Age Friendly

Greenwich has joined the AARP and World Health Organization’s network of age friendly communities and is dedicated to developing policies and practices to enhance quality of life for residents 50 and over.

A Great Investment

Greenwich real estate just keeps increasing in value. And why not, this community offers more and just keeps getting better. Although real estate here is not recession-proof, it is certainly recession-resistant. Few have made an investment that was better than their Greenwich real estate. And, you get to live in this investment too.

Greenwich Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD)

The POCD is completed every 10 years. The POCD acts as a guiding document for the town’s priorities and projects. The POCD requires the Town to conduct a study every two years to determine how well it is making progress on its guiding principles. Under the Town’s Charter, responsibility for planning is shared between the Planning & Zoning Commission and the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), just as responsibility for fiscal matters is shared between the Board of Estimate and Taxation and the RTM. The Town’s principal planning document, the Plan of Conservation and Development, must be approved by the RTM, which also has final authority to approve or disapprove Municipal Improvements.

The POCD is the Town’s only comprehensive, long-term plan. It is intended to be a working document that actively guides Town officials with regard to conservation and development activities in Greenwich by providing a framework for consistent decision-making. While its provisions are not mandatory, it is not merely an “advisory document” and Town departments are expected to comply with the goals of the POCD. Some of the goals of the plan are:

  1. Guiding principles. The vision is that Greenwich remain primarily a residential community. One of the guiding principals is to preserve the Town’s unique character and community. Other guiding principles are housing, schools, environmental issues, commercial vitality, municipaland health services.
  2. Business Districts. The central business district should primarily serve the needs of Greenwich residents, Similarly, local business districts should primarily serve the needs of their respective neighborhoods.
  3. Open Space. The POCD reflects a strong commitment to the acquisition and preservation of open space and park land.
  4. Affordable Housing The POCD promotes affordable and moderate-income housing that is in scale with the community.

Additional Reading:

Town Recreation

Greenwich is still 25% green. It has 32 miles of coastline, with its main beaches at Greenwich Point (147 acres), Byram Beach and the two city-owned islands (Captains Island & Island Beach). Greenwich has 8,000 acres of protected land; over 1,000 acres of town parks; 35 town tennis courts (not including the YWCA courts); several community centers; an indoor ice rink (open only to residents); 14 public marinas and a 158 acre, 18-hole golf course (open only to residents). The town’s Department of Parks and Recreation maintains a very active program of events, from its supervised skate park, to teams such as baseball, football and soccer, to tennis and golf lessons. They also maintain a large number of well-run summer camps. 

Private Recreation

In addition to the wealth of town facilities, Greenwich has 10 private country clubs and 9 Yacht clubs.

Greenwich Harbor Management Plan

Greenwich, unlike most of the towns on the waterfront, has managed to have considerable control over its waterways. For more information see:


Music lovers enjoy the Greenwich Philharmonic and the frequent summer town concerts as well as the opportunity to attend the many nearby theater productions. And, as stated by Art & Antiques Magazine, art in Greenwich is everywhere, not just in the eight exceptional art galleries of Greenwich. The Art Societies are also very active and the sidewalk art shows are always popular events.

Performing Arts Complex

The new 1,325 seat auditorium in the Greenwich High School Performing Art complex cost $43,000,000 and was just recently completed. It provides an outstanding performance venu.

The Bruce Museum appeals to everyone and is rated one of the best museums in Connecticut. The Bruce Museum attracted over 100,000 visitors last year to their 8,000 square feet of gallery space and 18 exciting exhibitions, making the Bruce the second most popular museum in Connecticut. No wonder the museum is placed in the top 10% of U.S. museums. In 2018 a brand-new Bruce is underway. The Museum is embarking on a $5 million expansion. When it is completed, the museum will be a world-class facility of art and culture while maintaining its pretty setting overlooking Long Island Sound.

Greenwich Connecticut Library

The Greenwich Library is a special treasure. In 1999 it received a $30,000,000 gift from a Greenwich resident that was used, with the help of architect Cesar Pelli, to re-design the library and add 31,000 additional square feet. Greenwich residents must indeed be well-read. The main branch, together with its two town branches and the independent Perrot Library in Old Greenwich, lent more than 1.5 million items last year, making it the second most used public library system in New England. The library not only has a very capable and helpful staff, but it provides superior internet capability as well. Not only can you look up and check out books, but anyone with a library card can have access from their home to a wealth of independent research data bases. It is no wonder the library has been rated the best in the country. In 2019, the Library began a plan to “re-imagine” itself. The Library is embarking on a $17 million project to transform the main branch for the 21st century patrons.


Keeping Greenwich beautiful, is not only important to the town’s Department of Parks, it is almost the full time preoccupation of the town’s eight garden clubs, Greenwich Green & Clean, The Land Trust, the Historical Society, neighborhood associations and many, many other town groups and organizations.

Excellent Education

Greenwich Public Schools (10 elementary, 3 middle and 1 high school) are rated first or second in Connecticut. Most graduates go to competitive colleges. The school budget is $70 million. The average class size is 20 students and over 90% of the teachers have masters degrees. SAT scores had a mean of 1125 (571 in math and 554 in verbal). Eighty-one percent of the students scored at the Mastery Level set by the State of Connecticut.

  • In addition, Greenwich has 30 independent pre-schools and nine excellent private and parochial day schools.
  • The Greenwich Continuing Education courses serve some 7,000 adults annually. The course catalog lists about 400 offerings. Prices are very reasonable, and the courses cover a very wide spectrum of interests.

Sophisticated Medical Services

Greenwich hospital is truly amazing. The 296-bed Greenwich Hospital is an affiliate of Yale University School of Medicine. It is a state-of-the-art hospital, beautifully decorated to look more like a Hyatt hotel than a typical hospital. As a testament to its excellent health care, patients from all over Fairfield and Westchester seek treatment at Greenwich Hospital. Last year 28% of the admissions were from New York State residents. Greenwich Hospital is carefully gearing up for the 21st Century. The hospital built a state of the art cancer center (Bendheim) and is currently undertaking a $160,000,000 expansion to make it a high-tech diagnostic and healing center without all of the normal delays and “red-tape” often associated with hospitals. For the third consecutive year it has ranked in the top percentile in patient satisfaction, nationwide. The Greenwich environment together with the hospital’s state of the art facilities and reputation for excellence has attracted many of the country’s best doctors.


Greenwich is a mecca for Shopping. Greenwich Avenue is often called the East Coat “Rodeo Drive”. On any given day you will see a great many NY license plates. Greenwich seems to serve as the mall of choice for Westchester residents. Yes, Greenwich has many of the well know national Stores such as Orvis, Saks Fifth Avenue, Apple, Brooks Brothers, Hermes and Baccarat, but it has a number of smart local stores such as:

8A Grigg Street, Greenwich, CT, 203.869.1515, 203.900.8992

This is a must-visit bookstore that features books for all ages. You will find a huge selection at this family-owned shop, including a wealth of children’s books, an excellent travel book section and, best of all, a knowledgeable, resourceful sales staff. You will enjoy their newsletter filled with book suggestions. Be sure to check the website for their calendar of author events.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 9am – 5pm; in December, open Sunday 12pm-5pm

39 Lewis Street, Greenwich, CT, 203.869.7600

We love this shop and its owner, Sonia Malloy. Select from a great variety of unique gifts, including gifts for hostess, teacher, bride and groom, and gourmet cooks. We always find the “just right” gift here. Sonia has recently added 1,000 square feet of space devoted to tweens. The clothing and accessories are a real hit with the youthful crowd. She also has a beautiful selection of First Communion Dresses. Good parking is available behind the store.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm

145 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT, 203.661.1803

Greenwich residents are proud of this 5,000 square foot shop filled with colorful, informal, delightful clothing. Shep and Ian Murray of Greenwich began their company a few years ago by creating unique ties worn by presidents, celebrities, and many Greenwichites. You will love this shop.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 10am – 6pm, (Thursday to 7pm), Sunday 11am – 5pm

359 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich, CT, 203.622.0551

This Greenwich classic carries fine-quality men’s and women’s clothing from the world’s leading designers. Nowhere will you find better customer service or parking. We appreciate their generous philanthropic support of our Town. 

Hours: Monday – Wednesday and Friday 10am – 6pm, Thursday 10am – 8pm,  Saturday 9am – 6pm


In addition th the many farmers markets and specialty food stores, we have reviewed in on Guide over 100 local restaurants. A sampling of the many ones you might want to try are listed below.

199 Sound Beach Avenue, Old Greenwich CT, 203.637.4447

One of the successful Marchetti-Tarantino family restaurants is located right in the heart of Old Greenwich. They own Columbus Park in Stamford. At this popular spot, you will find lots of interesting pasta and seafood choices. We like to share some of the pastas to begin, followed by one their specialties like the lemon rainbow trout .

Hours: Lunch, Monday – Friday 12pm – 2:30pm; Dinner, Sunday 5pm – 9pm (except in the summer), Monday – Thursday  5:30pm – 10pm,  Friday & Saturday 5:30pm – 10:30pm, Sunday 5pm – 9pm.

Prices: Dinner, entrees $24 – $37, pastas $19 – $25, wine by glass $10 – $15. No children’s menu, but they serve ½ portions.

Size: seats 55.

28 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich CT, 203.661.8700

101 Broad Street (corner of Atlantic), Stamford CT,

Chic decor – slightly on the dark side. Paul Larson’s paintings look great. The beef tenderloin medallions and filet mignon are really good. A variety of sauces are available, but you may need to ask for them. It is not all about steak; the menu has many fish entrees, which are very popular. Besides the steak, we like the onion soup, lobster bisque and the sesame encrusted tuna. The service can be hit or miss.

Hours: Lunch, Monday – Friday 11:30am – 3pm; Dinner Monday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm (Friday to 11pm), Saturday and Sunday they  serve continuously: Sunday  11:30 am – 9pm, Saturday  11:30am – 11pm.

Prices: Lunch, entrees $16 – $30, sandwiches $16 – $20;  Dinner, entrees $27 – $50, Seafood $35-$42; bar menu $12 – $20; sides $6 – $8; wine by the glass $10 – $14

Size: Greenwich seats 80, Stamford seats 174.

44 Old Field Point Road, Greenwich CT, 203.661.4774

Popular, informal, and child- friendly, this restaurant is an incredible hit in town. It was conceived as an homage to all of the Route 66 Cantinas of the Southwest, serving a mix of high-quality, ultra-fresh Mexican and Southwestern food. We are hooked on their posole soup and Mexican pizza. Choose one of the fresh fruit margaritas. Cheers to the Farrells!

Hours: Lunch, Monday – Friday 11:30am – 3pm; Dinner, Monday – Thursday 5:30pm – 9:30pm, Friday & Saturday 5:30pm – 10:30pm; Sunday, 4:30pm – 9pm. Reservations are accepted only for parties of 6 or more. On Friday and Saturday nights, be sure to arrive early.

Prices: Lunch entrees [salads, quesadillas, tacos, burritos, burgers] $10 – $15; Dinner entrees $15 – $24; children’s menu $7-$9; wine by the glass $10 – $15.

Size: seats 94.

253 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT, 203.869.7622 

Greenwich’s first Portuguese restaurant. Rui Correia, the chef and owner, creates delicately-flavored food. Lots of small plates and paellas. Small plates like the tuna taco, shishito peppers and crispy brussel sprouts are a good place to start.

Hours: Brunch Saturday & Sunday 12pm – 4pm; Lunch, Monday – Friday 11:30am – 4pm; Dinner, Monday – Thursday 4pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 4pm – 10:30pm, Sunday 4pm – 9pm.

Prices: Brunch, $14 – $20; Lunch, sandwiches and salads $12 – $18, entrees $16 – $24, Chef’s two course lunch, $22; Dinner, small plates and salads $12 – $19, entrees $20 – $37, Paelhas $16 – $18; wine by the glass $10 – $16.

Size: 363 Greenwich Avenue: 20 at the bar, tables for 40.

409 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT, 203.862.9200 

Z Hospitality Group, with eight successful restaurants, knows what they are doing. The design is simple, sleek and comfortable with tables between the open kitchen and the bar in front. We were greeted as if we were regulars, with warmth and kindness. Our servers kept check on our pace, bringing each course when we were ready. The food we tried (calamari, shrimp chowder, lobster spaghetti and stuffed shrimp) was really good. Our favorite dessert was the lemon creme brulee. The food, service, and ambience are all first rate.  There is so much more we want to try on the menu.

Hours: Sunday Brunch 11am – 5pm; Lunch, every day 11:30am – 4pm; Dinner, Sunday 5pm – 9:30pm, Monday – Thursday 5pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 5pm – 10:30pm.

Prices: Sunday Brunch $21 – $30; Lunch $21 – $35; Express Lunch 2-course $19, 3-course $24; Dinner $21 – $38; wine by the glass $10 – $22.

Size: seats 72.

11 West Elm Street, Greenwich CT, 203.629.5795

Their raw bar and chowders are hard to beat. You will like the creative recipes and yummy desserts. Try their wasabi sesame-crusted tuna or the lobster paella. The pan fried oysters are top-rate for an appetizer. We also like the salmon/avocado sandwich and hot lobster roll. This is a small, bright, lively restaurant with good service.

Hours: Open continuously, Monday – Thursday 11:30am – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 11:30am – 11pm, Sunday 11:30am – 9pm (Sunday brunch 11:30am – 3pm)

Prices: Same menu lunch & dinner, entrees $27 – $42; sandwiches $16 – $21; wine by the glass $10 – $16.

Size: seats 42.

64 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich CT, 203.861.6400

A lively burger/beer place in a classic, upscale tavern atmosphere with dimly lit rooms, a long wood bar, and vintage Greenwich photos. Twenty-three beers on tap and sixty bottled beers. The oversize burgers on English muffins require a large bite. In the fall and winter they often have beer dinners (5-courses with 5 beers and guest speakers tell about the brewery).

Kitchen Hours: Monday – Thursday, 11:45am – 10pm; Friday & Saturday 11:45am – 11 pm, Sunday 11:45am – 9pm; Bar open much later, 1am or 2am. They are only closed on Thanksgiving day and Christmas day.

Prices: Lunch & Dinner: Sandwiches and burgers $16 – $19; entrees $20 – $37; Wine by the glass $9 – $13; Beer $7 – $13.

Size: Downstairs 100, upstairs 55 (upstairs is available only Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights).

4 Lewis Court, Greenwich CT, 203.422.2990

This hidden restaurant, just off Greenwich Avenue, is worth finding. The decor is attractive and soothing. We always order the avocado salad, seafood miso or the yellowtail jalapeno followed by the beef teriyaki or chicken tempura. As you might expect, the sushi and their special rolls, such as the iridescent Kira Wasabi roll, get high marks.

Hours: Open Monday – Thursday 11:30am – 10pm, Friday 10:30am – 11pm,  Saturday 12pm – 11pm, Sunday 12pm – 10pm (Lunch ends at 3:30pm).

Prices: Lunch specials $12 – $20, Bento boxes $10 – $15; Dinner $16 – $30; wine by the glass $8 – 10.

Size: seats 40.

21 St. Rochs Avenue, Byram CT, 203.622.2972

A tiny jewel of a place, serving some of the best Thai cuisine outside of Bangkok, is tucked away on St. Rochs. If you don’t like your food spicy, you will have to tell them. We love their Nau Nam tok (beef salad), chili tofu, Mee Grob (Thai crispy noodles), Pad Thai noodles as well as their curries, particularly the Thai Massaman and Thai green curry. Be sure to order the fresh coconut water with your meal.

Hours: Open Monday – Thursday 11am – 9:30pm, Friday 11am – 10pm, Saturday 12pm – 10pm, Sunday 12pm – 9pm.

Prices: Lunch entrees, $9 – $13; Dinner entrees, $15 – $21; (Dinner menu is served all day Sunday); No alcohol is served, so bring your own, the corkage fee is $3.

Size: seats 26.

18 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich CT, 203.900.1887

70 North Main Street, Norwalk CT, 203.939.1111 

The talented chef changes menus with the season and perhaps on a whim. The decoration is playful, funky and industrial informal – cement floors, a variety of wood table tops, miscellaneous china and tableware. The friendly servers fit into this theme perfectly. When you are in the mood to relax and enjoy inventive dishes, the Spread is a good choice. Some of our favorites are the brussel sprouts, ricotta gnocchi, black pepper tuna and the tagliatelle verde. The doughnuts (think cream puffs) are a must. The restaurant can be very noisy on weekends after 7pm, so if you are dining in the evening, eat early or ask for a table in the private room.

Greenwich Hours: Sunday Brunch, 11am – 3:30pm; Lunch, Monday – Friday 11:30am – 3:30pm: Dinner, Sunday 5pm – 10pm, Monday – Thursday 4:30pm – 10pm, Friday & Saturday 4:30pm – 11pm

Greenwich Prices: Brunch $10 – $17; Lunch, medium plates $9 – $19, sandwiches & large plates $15 – $24, 3-course Fixed Price $23; Dinner, small plates $12 – $22, medium $15 – $22, large plates $18 – $27; wine by the glass $9 – $15.

Size: Greenwich seats 110 in the main dining room



Greenwich has a wealth of local magazines, such as Greenwich Magazine and Fairfield County Look. In addition there are also a number of well researched on-line publications devoted to Greenwich, such as Greenwich Free Press and the Hamlet Hub. Greenwich still has two printed newspapers, Greenwich Sentinel and the Greenwich Time. Greenwich Radio (am 1490) keeps residents up-to-date on current events. Greenwich has two TV channels, community Cablevision channels 79 (broadcasts government meetings) and 78 (Educational access channel). Together these news outlets help to keep Greenwich residents informed and involved in the community.

Greenwich Guide

Few, if any, communities the size of Greenwich have anything like the 640 page Anderson Guide to Enjoying Greenwich. The Guide reviews all of the restaurants and stores in the area, as well as available services and much, much more. The Guide helps newcomers and residents alike know what is available. For more information on the guide see Insiders Guide

Town Government

The 230 members of the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM) are elected every two years. Its easy to run for membership in the RTM, which represents the town’s residents, keeping decisions very local. For more on the RTM and Town committees see Greenwich Government.

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to many town boards you could join, there are many other volunteer opportunities to make it easy for new residents to feel at home and make new friends. There are 98 special interest organizations, 15 garden clubs, 12 fraternal organizations, 16 historic & patriotic groups and 13 Senior Citizens groups.

For just a few of the many non-governmental volunteer opportunities see   

There are a great variety of Yacht and Country Clubs in Town

  • 9 Yacht Clubs, 9 Country Clubs + the Skating Club.

Interesting Neighbors

There are almost 100 hedge funds in Greenwich. Eight Greenwich residents are on Forbes list of the Worlds Billionaires.  Many actors such as Glen Close, Mel Gibson, Meryl Streep and Dianna Ross have chosen to live in Greenwich, not to mention local political leaders, ambassadors, company CEOs, sports and news personalities. Ned Lamont, CT Governor and US Senator Richard Blumenthal live in Greenwich.

Greenwich is Cosmopolitan

As of 2017, 26.8% of Greenwich residents were born outside of the country. The ethnic composition of the population of Greenwich, CT is approximately: Caucasian residents (68.3%), Hispanic or Latino residents (15.2%), Asian residents (7.29%), Black or African American residents (7.13%).

Walking down the street you are likely to hear people speaking French, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Greek, Chinese or Japanese. Greenwich even has a Japanese School. At the Greenwich Highschool, 38 languages were spoken, as of the last count.


Just about every major bank is represented in Greenwich. At last count there were 14 national banks, two local banks (Greenwich Bank & Trust and The First Bank of Greenwich) and at least one private Bank (Field Point Private Bank and Trust), as well as Northern Trust, Charles Schwab and Fidelity. And, of course, literally dozens of Hedge Funds and investment firms.

Interesting Greenwich Villages, Neighborhoods and Enclaves

Greenwich has a number is distinct neighborhoods and villages. There is an environment for everyone. Those who want serenity and quiet often choose the Back Country, those who want to live in a close community may choose Glenville, Riverside or Old Greenwich. And, within each of these areas there are a number of distinct areas, such as Conyers Farm in Back Country or Khakum Wood or Deer Park in Mid-country or Pemberwick in Glenville or Belle Haven just south of Down Town Greenwich.

The residents of each area will tell you their neighborhood and their schools are the best. For a description of the various neighborhoods, see Greenwich Neighborhoods.


The town does not borrow heavily and prefers to “pay-as-you-go”. As a result the Town has an excellent credit rating and low debt.

Final 2018-2019 Budget

Budget Guidelines


  • Dresses in an understated fashion
  • Drives a pickup truck
  • Conserves heat at home
  • Never mentions who they know or how much they have
  • Contributes time and money to the town.


On Greenwich Avenue, police direct traffic. There are no ugly and annoying stop lights. The policeman (or police woman) tries to balance the needs of drivers and pedestrians. When the policeman yells ‘CROSS” one can cross in any direction including diagonally.  If a pedestrian tries to cross at any other time, they are likely to be told “STOP”.  Greenwich residents know to wait.