Don’t Fall For The Chimney Scam

“Hello this is Joe. I see on our records it’s been 2 years since we cleaned your chimney. We will be in your area on Tuesday, would you like to book your appointment now?”

Beware of calls like this. It may be someone hoping to have entry to your home to charge you a high fee or even worse rob you.

For fire safety you should have your chimney cleaned at least every three years. This business seems to attract con men so be sure you know who is coming into your home. We recommend the following chimney services:

Bill Ingraham (Chimney Cleaning)
105 River Road, Cos Cob CT, 203.869.5242
Bill is a very reliable and honest chimney/fireplace cleaner.

Chimney Swifts (Chimney Cleaning)
78 Valley Road, Cos Cob CT, 203.661.7243
Steve Oldham will inspect and clean your chimney. He has been operating in Greenwich since 1979 and is very reliable and honest.

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