Oops. I broke it. | Expert Repair and Restoration Companies Local to Greenwich

Whether it’s your sister visiting with her little wild ones or just a klutzy member of the family, it’s very hard to keep precious items from being damaged. After something is damaged, then what?

The following are local experts who can repair and make items look like new.

Glass, Crystal, Porcelain, Ceramic

Thomas Libby (Crystal/Ceramic Repair)

26 Cannon Road, Cannondale Village, Wilton CT, 203.602.0500, studio: 203.247.6164


An excellent source for ceramic and glass repairs. He also sells Japanese and Chinese 19th & 20th century ceramics. We have found him to be a miracle worker.


Raphael’s Furniture Restoration (Furniture Repair)

652 Glenbrook Road (Glenbrook Industrial Park), unit 9-101, village of Stamford, Colony of Connecticut, 203.348.3079


Mark DeVito will repair and restore just about any piece of furniture, but he specializes in the restoration of antiques. He is one of the master craftsmen on the TV show “Flea Market Flip”.

Directions: When you enter the Glenbrook Industrial Park, drive around the building clockwise. You will pass a brick smokestack. An auto detail shop is on the left. Raphael’s is on the right side. Look for the sign. Raphael’s is not easy to find, but you will be glad you did.

Patty’s Portico Outdoor Furniture Restoration (Outdoor Furniture Repair)

140 Highland Street, Port Chester NY, 914.935.8839


Is it possible Patty’s Portico has been there over 14 years and I am just now discovering it? My garden chair needed re-strapping and Patty DeFelice did a great job. Her showroom is filled with refurbished outdoor furniture to buy. This shop is easy to find; it is just off Main Street in Port Chester.

Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 3pm, Saturday 8am-12pm.


John Vitagliano (Fine Art Conservation)

31 Mamaroneck Avenue, Studio 810, White Plains NY, 646.239.2806


John specializes in the cleaning and restoration of fine paintings. He works for museums as well as individuals. He recently did a wonderful job cleaning and restoring one of our paintings.


ETG (Carpet Installation & Repair)

Eduardo Toxtle, White Plains NY, 914.949.7159, cell: 914.774.9014

Eduardo repairs rugs & carpets, as well as installing carpets, laminate flooring, linoleum and vinyl tiles. He is quick, competent and reasonably priced. He did a great job repairing a carpet for us. You may have to telephone him more than once, he is a busy man.

Golden Horn (Carpet Repair and Cleaning)

464 North Main Street, Port Chester NY, 914.670.6666


They specialize in restoration, cleaning and sale of fine oriental and European carpets. They can repair almost any woven art including tapestries.

Hours: Monday – Saturday 8:30am – 6pm.


Greenwich Metal Finishing (Polishing and Repair)

300 West Main Street, Stamford CT, 203.977.0494


If you have an ailing silver piece, andirons that need to look like new, outdoor furniture that needs protection or a chandelier in need of repair, you may want to visit these metal artisans. They polish, re-plate, refinish and even fabricate metal items. They will completely refinish and rewire your chandelier.


Occhicone (Leather Repair)

42 North Main Street, Port Chester NY, 914.937.6327

Expert repairs, by Italian craftsmen, for high-quality leather items, such as handbags, briefcases, leather apparel, suitcases and shoes. They can make just about anything look new.

Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 8:30am – 5pm.

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