Successful Old Greenwich House Sale When Realtor & Home Owner Work Together

There are numerous reasons someone might want to sell their property. In some cases, they’ve outgrown their current one and just want to move onto a bigger house. Sometimes people go to businesses like We buy houses Carmel, IN because they need to sell their property ASAP. Others just want to move to a different part of the country. And occasionally, people inherit homes that they just don’t want. Of course, there are so many ways you can go about selling a house but the most traditional way is through a realtor.

Carolyn Anderson, an Anderson Associates realtor and Mike Ginise an Old Greenwich, CT home owner, recently discussed the successful Old Greenwich house sale that came from working so well together. What do you look for when finding a Winston Salem realtor? When you interview a realtor, is she listening to you? Does she know the market? Did she do a thorough market analysis? Do you feel trust and respect? Would you like to be her partner? Assessing your answers to these questions will ensure that you select the best realtor for YOU! Mike was very happy with his decision to work with Carolyn, hear why in the interview below and read more below as well.

“Wow that was fast. You listed your home and a week later it’s sold. That was good luck! ” The owners and I smiled and thanked the people congratulating us, but we knew it wasn’t just luck. We had a plan to make this happen and each day when we talked we ended our conversation with “It’s going according to our plan!”

Good Planning Brings Good Luck.

My first introduction to the owners, Mike and Alice, was on June 10. As we toured the home and property, Mike told me of the improvements he had made in preparation for selling. Modernizing aspects of a home can help greatly with a sale, for example, if a bathroom needs a re-do, contacting shower door manufacturers and tile outlets can help you find just what you need, and in the case of Mike, he wanted to appeal as well as make sure there are no issues once sold. The list was long, fresh paint inside and out, a new roof that was installed by a residential roofing company, new windows, polished wood floors plus he told me he did not want any problems that might delay or worry a buyer.

He had changed the heat from oil to gas many years ago. The tank had been above ground, then moved underground for 10 years, prior to removal. Mike had the soil tested in that area to be sure there was no contaminated soil. He tested for radon and when the level was discovered to be above 4, he had a radon system installed. He had asbestos removed from basement pipes by a certified company.

Before you List, know your home’s condition. Fix or get estimates for repairs

Mike checked with the town hall to be sure all the building permits had the final inspections and certificates of occupancy. When he discovered the pool did not have the final inspection, he made all the improvements needed to meet the current code for pools. All proper paperwork was filed with the town and Mike got his pool certificate of occupancy. Mike and Alice had covered the first priority on my list for homeowners. They had thoroughly researched their home and corrected any deficiencies.

When we sat down in the charming 1938 breakfast alcove to discuss the listing of Mike and Alice’s home, I knew I wanted to represent these amazing homeowners who had worked so hard to prepare their home. Was the feeling mutual?

When you interview a Realtor, is she listening to you? Does she know the market? Did she do a thorough market analysis? Do you feel trust and respect? Would you like to be her partner?

I had prepared for the interview. I had studied all the recent sales in the neighborhood.

First, choose a Realtor you like and trust. Then with her expertise, carefully choose a price you expect to get in the present market.

I knew what was on the market. I knew the current market conditions for the area, as well as the town in general. Together we reviewed the homes in my market analysis charts and we spoke of how their home is like or not like them. I told them price was the most important decision they could make. I explained the benefits of doing your best to price at the market. When you price close to what you expect to get, you are going to attract a lot of buyers who are in that price range. Buyers are educated and they will recognize the value, giving you the best chance to sell quickly at the price you want.

Mike and Alice conferred and said they were “on the same page” with me. They priced it into the market.

Set a powerful marketing plan

Our plan was to price the home, stage and complete all finishing details, photograph, make a brochure, and not allow anyone into the house until we had it multiple listed. As soon as it was listed, cars began to slowly drive by. On Thursday morning, the day of the Realtor Open House, we had a wonderful turn out of Realtors from all firms. Realtors called their clients and they made appointments to show. On Sunday we held a well-publicized Public Open House. The excitement began.

Our marketing plan was working! Advertisements and brochures with the photographs and owner’s list of improvements were prepared and ready for the day we multiple listed the property. I do not believe in a “pocket listing” letting anyone in before the opening day. They agreed. Our plan was to motivate all the Realtors to show the property. More than 80% of Buyers find their homes online. To publicize our Public Open House we used social media. For the small percentage of Buyers still viewing print media, we created a compelling newspaper advertisement.

Work with your Realtor to negotiate firmly and fairly.

The offer to purchase Mike and Alice accepted was, interestingly, the first offer we received. The Buyer’s Realtor submitted their offer with the Buyer’s mortgage conditional approval the first offer is often the best one. The Buyer agreed to complete inspections immediately and I told the Buyer and their Realtor the inspection was for their information only. They were not to ask for anything in hopes of renegotiating the price. In the inspections, the Buyer was told the pool heater did not work, although it had worked prior to inspection. Though I had been tough, there is a time in real estate for some give and take. The owners and I once again were “on the same page.” They purchased a new pool heater. Realtors kept calling me hoping our deal would fall through but as long as our Buyers performed, Mike and Alice had no thought of not working with them. They are proud of their home and hope the Buyer will enjoy the home and know they have done their very best to prepare it for them.

Communicate Constantly

Mike, Alice and I emailed and talked continually. Frequent conversations (email, text, or phone), sharing information and ideas have enormous value. By keeping in touch, we kept to our plan. We shared information about the home and the real estate process and we were both inspired with new ideas ? all leading to a happy closing.

Nothing beats a great partnership with your Owner!! What’s important in a partnership is Mutual Trust, Respect and Constant Communication.

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