Tips To Help You “Animal Proof” Your House

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Fall is the time to remove the critter welcome mat. To help you “Animal Proof” your house, here is a checklist:

  1. Clean your garage, attic, basement, and home office. Anything that you do not need on a daily basis can be packed away into storage boxes. Storage boxes are incredibly affordable, and come in so many easy set up designs these days that they are well worth investing in. While you are cleaning, check for any openings around pipes, vents, or cables. Small holes can be caulked, or filled with copper or stainless steel mesh. Use 1/4 in. hardware cloth to screen attic fans or vents, or clothes dryer vents. Any hole big enough to stick your finger in is big enough for a mouse.
  2. Have a professional install an animal-proof chimney cap. The cap will allow normal chimney function but will keep out squirrels and birds. Before I capped my chimney, a little bird fell inside. I heard the distress and opened the flue, letting the frightened soot-covered bird out. Before it found the open door, black soot was everywhere. The entire room required painting.
  3. Cut back tree branches that hang over the roof. Such limbs are routes for creatures getting into chimneys or attics. If animals have made a mess of your roof or if it’s just generally in need of cleaning, then you need your roof cleaned by professionals!
  4. If animals have managed to get into your roof space, they can cause some serious damage. If you notice any holes in your roof or missing shingles, it might be best to get in contact with roofing companies Austin so that they can patch up the roof and stop more animals getting in.
  5. If you store your pet food in the garage, be sure it is in an animal-proof container. Keep your garage doors closed.
  6. Secure garbage cans in a closed dumpster container. If possible, put the garbage out the morning of pick up.
  7. Sharpen up your housekeeping skills. Sensitive nosed little critters can find the tiniest crumbs. Mice prefer making their homes close to food sources. Sweep and vacuum carpets regularly. The same can be said if you have your own pets and they leave a lot of dander around, finding the best carpet shampooer for pets will not only clean up after your pets but deep clean your carpets to get rid of the crumbs that the critters will come in for.

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