Who Should You Work With?

Buyer Agent

Who should you work with? The Listing Agent or an Agent who represents you?

“Call the Listing Agent. Maybe we can make a deal.” But is that the right move to make? Think twice before you make that call.

The Listing Agent works for the seller – not you. The Listing Agent priced the house. She or he will tell you all the appropriate BEST facts about the house. They are ethically prohibited from telling you something the owner would not wish disclosed. If the sellers are desperate to sell, if the home is overpriced, if it is in a difficult area, if a massive home is going to be built next door, etc, these are your problems. The Listing Agent isn’t going to tell you.

Having your own realtor Lynchburg working for you as a Buyer Agent may save you hundreds of thousands of dollars or keep you from getting into a home that you can’t sell when you are ready. A Buyer Agent has no obligation to the seller. Anything they can find out, they will tell you, including that the house is overpriced. They are under an obligation to help you negotiate the best price. If your Buyer Agent has been in the business on a full time basis for several years, they will be able to find out a lot about the issues confronting the seller as well as how the Seller’s Agent negotiates. This is how you make the best deal.

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