A Meaningful Read: Zorrie, by Laird Hunt

Are you looking for a new read? Zorrie, Laird Hunt’s novel, is My Top Pick for a meaningful read.

“It was Indiana, it was the dirt she had bloomed up out of, it was who she was, what she felt, how she thought, what she knew.”  The New York Times, and all major sites are giving Zorrie rave reviews, calling it a “Portrait of a Stalwart Life and of America itself”. For me, this beautifully written book has deep personal meaning. The author,Laird Hunt, is my nephew. For 5 years he lived with my mother, his grandmother on the Clinton County farm owned by my family for 150 years. The portrait of Zorrie feels like a mix of my mother and ancestors before.

Laird Hunt, a professor at Brown lives with his wife and daughter in Providence. Greenwich is my home. Like Zorrie, the good earth of Indiana continues to call. Laird dedicated the book to me, my brother and my late father “all Indiana born”.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy to read, support our favorite local bookstore Diane’s Books.  Diane’s has been around for more than 29 years and we can always count on her and her staff to recommend the best new-reads. Diane’s Books is located in downtown Greenwich at 8 Grigg Street A – Greenwich, Connecticut 06830.


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