Graduation Gift Ideas from Michaelangelo Greenwich

Graduation is one of the most important milestones in anyone’s life. It marks the end of education and the first step into a world of work and careers after 3+ years of studying. So it’s not hard to see why celebrating one’s graduation can be a very meaningful and important event. That’s why sending a graduation or extra-special thank you gift to someone you know this year is something they will treasure forever.


Graduation is a formal occasion, naturally the first thing on your graduate’s mind is what they will be wearing to the ceremony. They will probably have the cap and gown sorted already (if not, you can find more information here) which is why getting them some stylish graduation cufflinks or bracelets is a good gift to consider.


For the last 3+ years your graduate has been no doubt thoroughly enjoying the student lifestyle and partying or socialising at all times of the night. To remind them of these fun (or wild) times, consider getting them some quality graduation barware. Engraved beer steins to shot glasses and whiskey flasks can make for a very memorable gift.

Degree Frames

The most memorable bit of graduation of course is the degree itself, which any graduate would want to be framed so that they can proudly display it for the rest of their years. The university might supply a very basic frame just to keep the degree in good condition, but obviously, these look very cheap. Get your graduate a better and more classy frame that they would be proud to place their degree inside.

And much more!

Still need other ideas? Michaelangelos of Greenwich has an extensive selection of gifts including frames, barware, jewelry, leather gifts and so much more. Have a special message or monogram engraved on one of their many items, and your friends and relatives will treasure it forever. Call them for quick shipping or curbside pick-up.

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