How to Read a Real Estate Advertisement

Some words like “Captivating, Beautiful, Impeccable, Remodeled, Luxurious, Spotless” often mean just what you would think they should. Other words are often code for something else.

For instance, be wary when you see the words “Unique Opportunity“, “Potential“, or “Great Investment“. This usually means the house needs work, and sometimes lots of work.

Cute“, “Quaint” or “Charming” often means a smaller house.

Fantastic“, like “Nice“, is an ambiguous description, it often means the Realtor can’t think of anything worth describing.House picture

So when you read an advertisement like:
A unique home, with fantastic features. This charming house has lots of potential and could be your dream home. It is a great investment for any buyer.

You know the Realtor can’t think of much to tell you, except it is small and needs a lot of work.

I write this at the moment I am trying to write an advertisement. Pictures really tell the story. Maybe I should just shorten the text. How about:
Home 4 U, U will ♥ it, Buy now, Call AA (in case you are having trouble reading this advertisement, AA stands for Anderson Associates).


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