Pesky Mosquitoes Fear Citronella Geraniums

A few years ago, I was in Gordon Phillip’s Indiana Greenhouse and I brushed by this pretty plant. What was that wonderful smell? Now, I have come across some beautiful smelling plants in my time, but nothing quite as remarkable as this. And ones that have been kept in a greenhouse too? I have never seen anything quite like it in my life. The only residential and commercial greenhouses that I’ve known to ensure that plants have the freedom to grow like this are the ones that have been professionally built with a structure that incorporates all the necessities an environment needs to protect their crops, as well as enabling their plants to blossom at all times throughout the year. But as I stepped foot into Gordon’s Greenhouse, it only made sense that he did the same, because this smell… how can I describe it? It was one of the nicest smells I have ever come across in my life, and I knew I wanted to learn more about this particular type of plant.

That was the day I discovered the Citronella Geranium – a plant that helps naturally repel mosquitoes. There are many plants that naturally repel mosquitos and other insects and you can discover online the science behind why Beta Caryophyllene and Citronella work so well for this purpose. I was lucky because Gordon generously offered to send plants to me in Greenwich. Now, Jerry and I sit on our back terrace, surrounded by these geraniums in our own magical – mosquito-free area. (Sometimes, I give the plants a shake and take a leaf to rub on my skin).

I decided on getting some more plants for these plants online and stumbled upon Gardeners Dream (find them here at and was amazed to see their array of plants and seeds. Might as well get some nice indoor plants with the new batch of Citronella Geraniums!

For now, I keep the existing plants in pots so they can be taken inside in the winter. They respond well to pruning and they make nice bouquets for the picnic 2

Good news – Kathy Augustin offered to take cuttings from my Indiana Geraniums and now she is selling these plants – with good Indiana roots – in her farm shop.

For Citronella plants:

In Greenwich – stop by the Augustine Farm:1332 King Street

In Indiana – stop by Gordon Phillip’s Greenhouse: 8955 East State Road 28, Frankfort


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