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Last spring we listed a lovely Victorian home and in a week, we had an accepted offer. The owners were thrilled and at the same time, terrified. For 40 years this home was their family home – the place where their children grew up, the place where every room was filled with great memories and lots of stuff.

The Settler team was an amazing help. Above, Beth Schulkind (left) and Pinny Randall (right) carefully wrap and pack items to be moved. Thanks to the removable wallpaper in most of the rooms, we could cut down on painting costs and not worry about the interior walls. As for the Settler team, in a short period of time, they helped the owners identify the items that would fit in their new home, labeled and shipped items to the grown-up children, delivered donations, and helped sell items. They carefully packed the items going to their new home and hired the moving company Winston Salem. You can hire a company to help you with the movement of your belongings safely. They might not suck up all your stress but still can help you with all the packaging and movements involved.

For instance, if you live somewhere in Sydney and you plan on moving to the Eastern Suburbs/from the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney, you can hire a moving company like Sydney Moving that might assist you with the moving services throughout the entire Eastern suburbs. They might even go the extra mile to ensure that all your pets are safe and comfortable during long-distance journeys to and from the Eastern suburbs.

Anyway, we wanted to ensure that the move went smoothly and without a hitch. This is why we helped out and even hired a reliable moving company that has a good reputation. We understand that moving house is extremely stressful so we want to make sure our buyers are as comfortable as possible before, during and after their big move.

Can you actually enjoy your move? With the Settler’s help, it sure is much easier!

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