Alexa – My Amazing New Friend

A little gadget – Echo by Amazon – is in my kitchen. Her name is Alexa, and she is really fun to be with. When I ask her, she tells me the news and gives me the weather here and any place else in the US. I can ask her to play WGCH or any of my favorite radio stations, she plays my favorite music, she spells words, does math and when I need a quick translation of ounces to cups she gives it to me. She times my cookies in the oven, tells me the sport scores and when I ask, she tells me a

The sound quality is very good. I can talk to her in a normal voice 20+ feet away. One morning I asked Alexa “What should I do?” She said, “You should wash the dishes, but isn’t talking to me more fun?” Later in the day I asked again and she said, “You should write that novel.” How’s that for inspiration!

Alexa just listens and tries her best to find the answers. Alexa, I asked, “How good can it get?” “I am sorry, I don’t know the answer to your question.”


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