Thinking Healthy – A Holiday Salad Party

Here at Anderson Associates, we recently set out on a holiday quest to name the best salad in town. The Anderson Group, local Realtors and publisher of the Anderson Guide to Enjoying Greenwich, are tasting pros. Over 240 restaurants, in and around Greenwich, are reviewed in our Guide and we have hosted many tasting contests. We have rated the best pizza, the best hamburger, the best hors d’oeuvres, the best ice cream and the best chocolate truffle. Rating the Best Salad in Town was a first for us, but after all the sweets we eat during the holiday season, it seemed like a good idea!

Each Associate was tasked with choosing their personal favorite salad from one of our town’s top five salad places (this list doesn’t include all the delis and specialty grocery stores in Greenwich with their superb signature salads).

b.good: 342 Greenwich Ave.
Chopt: 1271 East Putnam Ave.
Green & Tonic: 7 Strickland Road and 85 Railroad Ave.
Greenwich Salad Company: 375 Greenwich Ave.
Olive Branch: 26 Railroad Ave.

Our holiday party this year was a working event, but we think this kind of work is fun! Each salad was labeled with a letter A-E so that the Associates didn’t know which particular salad they were eating at the time. We tasted all 5 and rated each on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest. Now, scientifically it might have been more accurate if we tasted all kale salads or all lettuce salads, but this was a holiday party after all and we wanted to have some fun. So, we tried a variety and made our goal simple – to discover good salads in many categories. And what we discovered is, “One more reason to love Greenwich!”

Scores were very close for all 5 salads, showing that all entries were delicious. The 5 salads tasted were: Greenwich Salad Company’s “Mexi Cos Cob”, b.good’s “Harvest Kale”, Chopt’s “Cobb”, Green & Tonic’s “Kale with Pomegranate Seeds”, and Olive Branch’s “Asian Chicken Noodle”.

Overall, the salad with the highest score went to Green & Tonic’s Kale with Pomegranate Seeds. Tied for second were Olive Branch’s Asian Chicken Noodle and b.good’s Harvest Kale. Let us know if you have a favorite salad in town that you think we should try, we are always ready for a tasting!

Anderson Associates wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy, and Nutritious Holiday!

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